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Bethany Heights

Bethany Heights offers apartment homes and additional services to meet each individual’s needs. Our purpose is to design a personalized care plan to meet each person’s needs while they remain as independent as possible.

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Bethany Lutheran Home

Our programs provide opportunities for residents to enjoy an abundant life; full of relationships, joy, meaning, and dignity. Contact us to learn more about our programs at Bethany Lutheran Home.

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At Bethany Lutheran Health Services we are following all the CDC recommendations to protect our residents and community members. The following has been in effect for the last two weeks and will continue until we are directed on new procedures. Please check our Facebook page or our website for up to date information.

We have received additional results from our semi-weekly testing, and have had 2 asymptomatic staff test positive. At this time, we have 4 staff members on leave due to positive test results. Per federal guidelines, these staff will remain on leave until we are no longer in outbreak status.

We have completed 2 covid-19 tests on our community members and have received no positive results.

We will continue to remain in outbreak status until we have gone 14 days with no new positive test results. During this period, we are required to conduct covid-19 testing on our community members every 3 to 7 days. Visits will be on hold until further notice.

Based on current test availability, we will be able to utilize the rapid tests kits for more of our upcoming screening tests. Even though we have heard that the false positive rate for these tests is very high, utilizing these tests will allow us to better isolate and protect our community members. Currently, if we receive an asymptomatic positive result with the rapid test kit, we are required to immediately collect a sample to send to the lab to complete a PCR test, and then another sample is to be collected 24 hours later. If both of those tests come back negative, we are advised that we received a false positive result. Until both sets of results are back, the staff member is treated as a true positive and is sent home to isolate. If we receive a positive test for someone that is symptomatic, no follow up tests are necessary, we are to believe that it is a true positive.

Please rest assured that we are taking every possible precaution to keep our community healthy and safe. These steps can be found in the attached document.

The positive cases in Pottawattamie County is currently almost triple of what is was back in June. I have met a lot of people that feel that their risk is very low and don’t think that they need to be careful when they are out in public. I want to ask each of every one of you to please remember our loved ones in a long term care community or that have an increased risk due to other health issues and to please remain cautious to help keep them safe. We all want to see an end to the restrictions and the only way we can fight for that successfully is when we start seeing a decrease in risk. Please understand the importance of wearing a mask when in public and social distancing. Please ensure that you are frequently washing your hands or using hand sanitizer. Covid-19 could be spread by someone that doesn’t even know that they are a carrier. We work with a very fragile population in our communities and it takes all of us remembering to do the right thing to keep them as safe as we possibly can.

Executive Director
Samantha Roth

Our Story

Since 1975, Bethany Lutheran Home has been dedicated to helping people meet the challenges and enjoy the blessings of aging. Bethany Lutheran Home was founded and sponsored by 15 area Lutheran churches in 1975. Today we embrace all faiths.

Bethany Heights originally began as an independent living facility in 1991. In 2008, as the needs of seniors who resided at Bethany changed, the facility was converted into a licensed assisted living facility. Bethany Heights offers apartment homes as well as additional services for seniors to ensure to meet the needs of each individual.

We strive to do our best in meeting the needs as well as desires of our residents and tenants as they reside at Bethany.




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